2024 EagleExplorer

Experience golfing like never before; experience the EagleExplorer. Elevate your golf experience with the 2024 CENGO EagleExplorer—designed for those who demand nothing less than unparalleled luxury and performance. From its state-of-the-art double-arm independent suspension to the...
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Product specification


Electric hp Electric
Engine 5KW(AC) KDS motor 5KW(AC) KDS motor
Horsepower 6.67hp 6.67hp
Batteries Six, 8V145AH Six, 8V145AH
Charger 48V/25A 48V/25A
Max. Speed 15.5mph(25khp) 15.5mph(25khp)

Steering & suspension


Bidirectional rack and pinion steering system

Front Suspension

Double-Arm independent suspension + suspension spring



Double-Circuit four-wheel hydraulic front disc rear drum brake

Park Brake

Electromagnetic parking

Body & Tires

Body & Finish Front & Rear:Painted Injection moulding
Tires 205/50-10(Tire diameter 18.1in) (460mm)
L*W*H 92.6*53.2*76.8in (2350*1350*1950mm)
Wheelbase 65.8in (1670mm )
Ground Clearance 7.9in (200mm)
Tread-Front and Rear Front 34.7in (880mm) Rear 39.0in (990mm)
Total Vehicle Weight 1034lbs(470kg)(including batteries 594lbs(270kg) (without batteries)
Frame Type High strength carbon steel integral frame


Cengo best electric golf cart 2021 are designed to help you live larger, also with a wide range of upgraded features, such as the two or four passenger options,an automatic parking brake, a spacious dashboard and Lithium-Ion battery packs to improve range, add storage space,etc. So no matter what your choice, you are sure to have efficient, reliable power in all of your blue golf cart. Further customize your needs, there are 8 colors of wholesale golf carts for your choose.


The McPherson independent suspension of utility golf cart, which photo is ckds golf carts and you can see it is durable and has strong road adaptability, suitable for placement on small bodies, with good comfort, responsiveness and handling characteristics, so normally widely used in road vehicles, but Cengo golf cart models use this system.


Cengo modded golf carts use integral rear axle,  spring, non-independent suspension and cylinder hydraulic shock absorption, you will have comfortable driving feeling, because which are simple and lightweight structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Golf Cart Manufacturers?

Yes, Cengo is a large and powerful manufacturer of electric vehicles in the southwest of China, own a 15+ year history of industry-leading innovation and design, initially focused on golf cars and then expanding to commercial utility vehicles and personal-use transportation in the world Market.

How About The Cost Of New Golf Cart?

As for Cengo golf kart price, it is quoted by your order quantity, please leave your information and we will contact you for more soon.

How To Contact Cengo Evolution Golf Cart Dealers Near Me?

Glad you are interested in our electric golf cart hunting, let us know your information and we ask our Cengo dealers of best golf cart in local market to contact you.

Can We Allow To Be Your Golf Carts Dealers?

Yes, and warmly welcome you join our golf carts dealers team, you can check the Cengo Partnership Policy on Service page or leave the contact, we will find you soon.

What Is The Production Time Of Icon Electric Vehicles?

Regarding sample and if Cengo have golf carts for sale in stock, it is 7 days after receiving the payment.

Regarding mass production, it is one month after receiving the deposit payment.